Language thinkers


Brigitte Boudon (( Brigitte Boudon: Doctor in literature, teaches philosophy and published, among other texts, Plato, The
Art of Justice, Ed. Ancrages, 2016.))

Where does the name of things comefrom?

“To know the name is to know the nature of things, Plato, Cratylus”.

How does language relate to the world? At the beginning of the fourth century BC, […]

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Hermes relationship with the written and spoken language

Kornia Kyriaki

The topic of this essay, as indicated by its title, is the relationship of Hermes, the God, with the language, both spoken and written. Hermes is a divinity with many facets, in both forms, as the Greek Hermes and as the Egyptian Thoth. According to the traditions and mythologies of these people, he […]

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