Phrygians, which have an important place among Anatolian civilizations, are supposed to come to Anatolia as a result of the migration taking place when Illyrians forced the Thracian region. Phrygians, most probably passing into South Marmara through Thrace and the straits in the 1200s BC, then spread into the interior parts of the Middle and the West Anatolia. It is thought that the first time they emerged as a political community was in 800s-750s BC and they gained importance after 750 BC. Especially during the reign of their most famous king, Midas (725-695/675 BC), Phrygians could live up to a powerful kingdom which could have control over the whole Middle and West Anatolia. Phrygians, regarded to have an Indo-European origin, formed a particular culture by taking on both Hellenic and late Hittite influences and became more Anatolian in the process of time. Creations that they produced in mining, woodworking and weaving gained appreciation and were imitated by Hellenic masters. The other thing that inspired Hellenes was their music. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information about the social life and history of Phrygians, which formed a potent civilization at that time. [box type=”info”]Boletín Nº 27 – Mayo 2012 – Español / English pdf[/box]