Introduction to the Congress by Fernand SCHWARZ

Firstly , I would like to thank all of those who have collaborated for several years in organising Hermes International Institute’s first conference.  I can not mention any names but I’m very proud of the work that has assembled a dozen different nationalities, and I must mention the PHILOSOPHY HOUSE  for its support in Marseille, the UNESCO club for its protection of the intangible heritage of ancient civilizations and President José Osuna who honors us with his presence, Tim Addey of England ‘s Prometheus and HEC’s HISTORY club.

In fact we have encouraged the celebration of the 2400th  anniversary of the founding of Plato’sAcademy for several years.

On 20th November, we necessarily celebrated  in Athens, with a wonderful welcome from various institutes, UNESCO and New Acropolis Greece who supported us with a good programme that connects youth to Plato. The Greek government decided to strike a commemorative medal for the 2400th  anniversary of the founding of Plato’s Academy; a very strong symbolic gesture, for a country in crisis, that is proud of his roots and identity.  We all enjoyed a wonderful meeting.

Today we are in Marseille, European Capital of Culture, to culminate this year’s celebrations, and  I thank you all for your presence and commitment to attend this symposium on “The Odyssey and mutations of Plato’s Dialectics today”.