What was Sanity? in Acient Mexico

Tania Zaldivar

Knowledge was part of their day to day, so the artisans were recognized with different denominations, some of them
used in these names the word imati which means “to handle” the ability to manipulate something with the hands when it has been learned through sight, the empirical knowledge generated by observation. But at the […]

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A New Paradigm About the Population of America

Fernando Schwarz

The current thesis states that modern man left Africa about 60,000 years ago, before gradually spreading over the planet to the Bering land bridge

This article has been written from a documentary of the European television channel Arte, The new history of the first men.

It is one of the few examples of the difficulty […]

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Love as a Evolutive Motor

Manuel Ruiz Torres

Love is one of the most natural realities of the human being. It is the basis and foundation of a lot of behaviours and emotions and it guides the most important decisions of anyone of us.

A proof of its polyhedrical reality is the variety of meanings that the word ”love” has in […]

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