The most relevant news of the Institute in recent months has been the celebration of our International Days in Budapest, between 7 and 9 April. In an atmosphere of coexistence and fraternity we gathered 26 collaborators and candidates from Germany, Austria, Brazil S, El Salvador, Spain, France, Israel and Portugal, with the presence and invaluable support of two companions from Hungary.

A characteristic activity of the Institute is that of travel; many remember the formidable “Argonauts”, and on this occasion, although we have not enjoyed the duration of those, we have participated in the same spirit and objective, that as Fernando Schwarz said in an interview((Manuel Ruiz Torres (2015). Entrevista a Fernando Schwarz, S.I. del Instituto Hermes. Boletín del Instituto Internacional Hermes, nº 37: 5-10 )) “the idea is to organize a journey that teaches us things, that teaches us elements about ourselves, that puts us to test each one, and in turn that allows us to discover lands, knowledge that we ignore. Discovering new horizons, new lands, is important because it is to unlock mysteries and share them with fellow wrestlers and fellow researchers. It is a union of heroism and investigation.”

Therefore, travel for us is a very special opportunity to investigate and strengthen bonds of brotherhood, in a special coexistence. In order to achieve these objectives, it is very important to organize them, which we have already dealt with in a specific way ((Manuel Ruiz Torres (2016). Cómo organizar viajes culturales del Instituto. Boletín del Instituto Internacional Hermes, nº 39: 14-18 )), and which on this occasion was impeccable, thanks to the efforts and effectiveness of our Hungarian colleagues.

Visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Budapest

During the first day of Budapest, we started with a very interesting talk about the characteristics of the mentality of the Hungarian people, by György . Afterwards we went to the National Archaeological Museum (Photo 2), where we stopped in rooms dedicated to Rome (Photo 3) and to other moments of the history of Hungary.

Afterwards we enjoyed a tour of different places of Pest, tracing the traces of the old city

On Monday she devoted herself to classes on the main tools used in social and cultural anthropology, according to the agenda of our Anthropology Career, according to some valuable notes and recordings provided by Claudia Escobar (Colombia NW).

Visit the city of Budapest

It should be noted that these sessions were held on video-conference, to which were connected at some point other fourteen companions from Brazil N, Brazil, S, Colombia NW, El Salvador, Spain, Greece, Israel, Mexico and Portugal, so it may have been the busiest encounter. The study was not at odds with moments of recreation.


Attendees at the Conference after the closing ceremony

Finally, on Tuesday we had a very fruitful organizational meeting, and we concluded with the reading of hermetic texts in our own way, and the family photo that cannot be miss.