Wickers for a new paradig

The philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn adopted the word paradigm ((Thomas Kuhn (1972). La estructura de las revoluciones científicas. )) to refer to the set of knowledge and practices that define a normal science for a given time. To put it simply, the paradigm of a science delimits the limits […]

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The rider anguipedo

Isabelle Ohmann
During our Hermes working weekend in the east of France, we discovered a curious statue, the Anguiped Rider, in the? Strasbourg Museum, and, not far from there, at Grandfontaine.

A widespread class of statuary

We observed the presence in North-Eeast Gaul, in Burgundy and particularly between the
Meuse and Rhine, of a great number of these […]

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Eli Mitrani

When I was a youngster, my father, a biology professor in profession, introduced me to the work of a man named Stewart Kauffman, ((Stuart Kauffman is one of the most outstanding theoretical biologists of complex biological systems. […]

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Notre Dame

“Disdaining the language of signs that speak to the imagination, we have lost the most powerful of languages.” J-J. Rousseau

Ernst Cassirer reminds us that man does not live in a purely material universe, but in a universe of meaning and values, which organize his symbolic representation of himself and the world.

Despite the secularization […]

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International Conference in Budapest

The most relevant news of the Institute in recent months has been the celebration of our International Days in Budapest, between 7 and 9 April. In an atmosphere of coexistence and fraternity we gathered 26 collaborators and candidates from Germany, Austria, Brazil S, El Salvador, Spain, France, Israel and Portugal, with the presence and […]

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