Almería Branch (Spain) Tour to Gorafe’s dolmens.


Cordova Branch (Spain). Tour to the Roman places of Cordova.


Tour Granada, Cádiz (Spain) to Baelo Claudia.

Granada (Spain) Tour to archoeological museum og Granada.

Valencia Branch (Spain). Participation of Manuel R. in a congress on “Philosophy and Dignity Humanizes”, with the presentation “Science and dignity”.


Madrid (Spain). Presentation of the book “The first philosophers” of M.ª Dolores FF.


Thessalonika Branch (Greece). Tour to the Roman forum of the city.


Cascais Branch (Portugal). Honoring to humanist Freitas’s Lima. Musical action.

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The Renaissance began in Cologne. How German mysticism brought forth a new understanding of man, of human dignity and a new world.

Author: Heribert Holzinger. Translation: Alexander Weigand, Waltraud Plattner.

Summary: In the 13th – 14th centuries, Albertus Magnus and Meister Eckhart – inspired by the old hermetic tradition – defined human reason (intellect) as something divine, thus giving human dignity a new foundation. Over the next 100 years, the Dominicans trained in Cologne operated all the […]